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anito.NET is a simple, open source Object Relational Mapping framework for .NET.

Written in C# but still under development, Anitos objective is to speed up database-driven development through reusable patterns and database independent solutions.

Further aim would also be to implement a full linq support that targets different database providers.

"Anito" is a Filipino word which means ancient spirits. see

Anitos have traditionally served as guides and sources of knowledge, often solving the day-to-day problems of the common folk.

Currently the anito.NET project has 4 implemented providers which are under development:
  • Anito.Data.SqlClient for MS-SQL
  • Anito.Data.MySqlClient for MySQL
  • Anito.Data.SqliteClient for SQLite
  • Anito.Data.MongoDBClient for MongoDB (development started)


Sourceforge Homepage :
Sourceforge Developers Page :


Anito needs all the help it can get. Any contributions, code, documentation, comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.

Contributors - please provide a brief detail about yourself and your experiences and send in your request to, please include your contact details.
You could also contact Michael via skype michael.dcuesta


GIT : git:// (read-only)


Release Date Link Type
7/8/2011 anito.net1.0.1.7 pre-Alpha
6/3/2011 anito.net1.0.1.6 pre-Alpha
5/30/2011 anito.net1.0.1.5 pre-Alpha
5/13/2011 anito.net1.0.1.4 pre-Alpha
5/6/2011 anito.net1.0.1.3 pre-Alpha
4/29/2011 anito.net1.0.1.2 pre-Alpha
4/15/2011 anito.net1.0.1.1 pre-Alpha

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